Blinken reveals Biden´s vision on the Palestinian issue

Anthony Blinken, who was nominated by Joe Biden to be Minister of Foreign Affairs in his next administration, revealed his president's vision of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the situation in the Middle East.

Blinken stressed during the Zoom conversation with the Democratic majority of Israel, which is the party that nominates supporters for Israel within the Israeli Democratic Party, that Biden is deeply committed to Israel's security, and that he has always been a partner in contacts with every Israeli prime minister for the sake of Israel's interests.

Blinken indicated, according to the Yedioth Ahronoth website, that Biden supports the promotion of a two-state solution, and believes that it is the only way to guarantee the future of Israel as a Jewish, democratic and secure state, in addition to fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians.

He indicated that Biden would provide humanitarian and economic aid to the Palestinians, stop paying the salaries of "those involved in terrorism," and insist that the Palestinian Authority stop "inciting" and finally recognize the reality of the Jewish state in Israel.

He stressed that Biden clearly opposes annexation, pointing out that there are many American and Israeli personalities and in the countries of the region who oppose this step, stressing the need to stop any unilateral action, whether by the Palestinians or the Israelis, and that cooperation and coordination is necessary in order to try to take steps to build Confidence, although this process will be long, it has a chance for success.

The US Secretary of State indicated in the next administration that his government will work to prevent any attack from the United Nations gate against Israel, and that it will work according to past administrations, but not according to the Trump administration, which distanced itself from the United Nations institutions, which made Israel vulnerable to attack, saying, "When not There you cannot defend Israel, and we will use our leadership and our power in this organization and others to protect Israel. "

Blinken criticized the attempts to use Israel by American left-wing circles as a political link, for the sake of partisan goals, considering that this poses a threat to common relations, calling on the Democratic Party to return to support the security of Israel.

And that Biden will oppose providing conditional military assistance to Israel in any political decision that he must take, noting that Israel is a democratic and strategic partner of the United States.

Regarding the Iranian nuclear program, Blinken strongly criticized the approach of the US administration headed by Donald Trump, saying that it had failed miserably.


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