Khreisheh: The European Union delegation in Geneva launches a call to support the rights of the Palestinian people

The European Union mission in Geneva launched a call calling for support for the rights of the Palestinian people and accountability for Israel for its violations and crimes against our people, which affected their lands, homes and humanitarian conditions, especially children.

The permanent representative of Palestine in Geneva and other international institutions to Switzerland Ibrahim Khreisheh said that the participants in the mission, including the European Union Commissioner, the Commissioner for Refugees, the Middle East file official, the International Red Cross and the representative of the Health Organization, unanimously agreed on the importance of providing international support to our people as a result of what they are exposed to. Difficult humanitarian conditions due to the occupation and the spread of the Corona virus.

In an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio, Khreisheh referred to the important role that the representative of the Red Cross showed in the meeting by presenting the conditions of prisoners in the occupation prisons and the spread of the Corona virus in prisons, as well as the policy of medical negligence practiced against them and their abuse, and his request to the international community to pressure Israel to implement the Geneva Convention on the prisoners.

He added, "Moves are continuing with international institutions to prepare for the next session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva at the end of next February, which includes a set of reports on Palestine."

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