Mike Tyson smoked marijuana before his fight against Jones

 Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson admitted that on the eve of his fight against former world champion Roy Jones, he smoked marijuana.

Tyson said, "Of course I smoked marijuana. Look, I can't leave this case. I smoked before when I was performing."

"I just need to smoke, sorry. Yes, I smoke, and I smoke every day."

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) did not find any illegal drugs in Mike's body, on the eve of his fight with Jones, according to what was reported by the New York Post.

The much-anticipated fight between American Mike Tyson and his compatriot Roy Jones, which took place on Sunday 29 November, ended in a draw.

None of the boxers was able to settle the fight in its original time of 8 rounds, at the rate of two minutes for each round, so that the match referees decided the result in a draw.


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