International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People ... rights that cannot be forgotten

Today, Sunday, November 29, is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which was approved by the United Nations General Assembly.

On this day in 1947, the United Nations General Assembly issued Resolution 181, later known as the Partition Resolution, which stipulated that a "Jewish state" and a "Palestinian Arab state" be established in Palestine, with Jerusalem subject to a special international system. The two states that the decision stipulated for their establishment, only the Jewish state, "Israel", appeared, while the Palestinian state remained a dead letter for several decades.

The partition decision was the biggest stab for the Palestinian people, because it robbed them of a large part of their lands, seized them from their original owners, and gave them to strangers, Zionists who came from all over the world.

The question of Palestine is still an open wound, with the awareness and memory of peoples, and it has become a symbol for the oppressed everywhere, and it proves that a people who is still patient struggling and making sacrifices for seventy years is a living people whose cause cannot be liquidated or ended without justice being achieved.

In response to an invitation from the United Nations, governments and civil society organizations annually carry out various activities in celebration of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, including issuing special messages in solidarity with the Palestinian people, organizing and holding meetings, and distributing publications and information materials on the Palestinian cause and rights.

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is an opportunity and occasion to remind the world and the forces active in it of the reality of the Palestinian tragedy and the injustice that the Palestinian people were subjected to as a result of the partition decision.

As this Palestinian people has turned into groups of refugees distributed all over the world, and today is an opportunity to remind the international community of the fact that the Palestinian issue has not yet been resolved, despite all the efforts, endeavors, initiatives, negotiations, visits and exploratory tours in the Middle East, which were carried out by hundreds of officials and delegations from foreign countries.

In addition to the fact that the Palestinian people, whose population exceeds eight million, has not yet obtained their inalienable rights as defined by the General Assembly, which are the right to self-determination without outside interference, the right to national independence and sovereignty, and the right of Palestinian refugees to return. To their homes and properties, from which they were removed by force and terror.

Israel's ambitions did not stop at the borders specified by the partition resolution, but rather extended to the rest of the land of Palestine. With the outbreak of the war in 1948 between Israel and the neighboring Arab countries, the Jewish state expanded and seized 77 percent of the land of Palestine, including part The largest of Jerusalem, and in the 1967 war, "Israel" occupied the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which "Israel" later annexed to it. It also occupied the Egyptian Sinai and the Syrian Golan Heights. This war resulted in a second immigration of Palestinians that included more than half One million Palestinians.


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