Palestinians prepare to participate extensively in the return marches

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are preparing Friday to participate in the 30th Friday of the return marches and break the siege, which bears the name: "Together Gaza, the West Bank and Fuse."

The general coordinator of the National Authority for the march of return and the breaking siege of Khaled al-Batsh in a statement by the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank to participate extensively in Juma:  "Together Gaza and the fuse bank, affirming the preservation of national rights and unity of blood and common destiny."

He stressed that the return marches and the breaking of the blockade are continuing until the goals for which they were launched have been achieved.

He stressed the importance of "maintaining the peaceful and popular marches and tools as a lever for national advancement ", calling on participants  "to take all measures that prevent and miss the opportunity of the Israeli occupation snipers to get them."

Al-Batsh said the most important message today is the crowd and its peaceful and popular link.

Al-Batsh warned the occupation not to "persist in committing crimes against the participants in the march of return and break the siege."

The Palestinians have been participating in peaceful marches, near the fence between Gaza and the occupied Palestinian Territory in 1948, since March 30 March, demanding the return of the refugees to their towns and villages from which they were abandoned in 1948 and breaking the siege of Gaza.

These peaceful marches are violently repressed by the occupying army, with heavy gunfire and poisonous gas canisters being fired at the demonstrators.

Since the marches were launched, 217 Palestinians have been killed, including 10 martyrs whose bodies have been detained and not registered in the statements of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, while 22,000 others have been injured, including 460 in high-risk situations.



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