Hayek: Gaza´s losses due to Corona exceed one billion dollars

Ali Al-Hayek, head of the Palestinian Businessmen Association in the Gaza Strip, estimated today, Saturday, direct and indirect losses to the economy in the Strip, as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus, and the start of the closure procedures last August, at more than one billion dollars .

Hayek said in a press statement, that the losses include the sectors of industry, commerce, tourism, transportation and transportation, education and health, employment and work.

Hayek stressed that the year 2020 is the most harmful to the Gaza Strip at the economic, social and health levels, as a result of the large outbreak of the Corona virus, the continuation of the Israeli blockade and the Palestinian division, which led to the disruption of the production wheel in various commercial and economic sectors, the layoff of a large number of workers, and the low daily income for them. In addition, small, medium and large income enterprises alike were negatively affected.


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