An increase in serious cases ... The launch of an awareness campaign in Gaza to confront Corona

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip launched, this evening, Saturday, a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of the Coronavirus, and to urge citizens to adhere to health controls to prevent the virus.

The campaign began with ambulances roaming all over the Gaza Strip, by launching these car whistles, with the aim of educating citizens, in conjunction with the Twitter campaign on social networks under the hashtag # Your Life.

The Ministry called on everyone to join efforts and share responsibility in enhancing citizens' awareness.

It indicated that the cases requiring medical care in hospitals amounted to 334 cases of various degrees of severity, and the occupancy rate constituted 66% of the clinical capacity allocated to Covid 19 patients.

She explained that serious and critical cases have reached 109 cases today, and the occupancy rate is 72% of the care beds designated for Covid 19 patients, and the number is expected to increase.

She pointed out that the production capacity of the oxygen stations in the European Gaza Hospital reached 2,200 liters per minute, and with the increase in cases, the consumption rose to 2,300 liters per minute, so the medical staff began supporting them with oxygen cylinders.


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