Malicious software destroys games "PlayStation 4 " Electronic!

London _ Agencies

The site  "Engadget" stated that a large number of the owners of the Games  "PlayStation 4 " Started complaining about the work platforms running their games in the recent period.

The site noted that the problem began to emerge recently, after the owners of a number of devices  "PlayStation 4 " an electronic message on their devices, containing malicious software that caused the devices to stop working.

To address this problem, it is not enough for users to re-boot their devices, but they have to access the device settings, press the option  "Adjust factory settings", and return the devices to the programmatic mode they were when they were purchased.

To avoid such a problem, technical experts advise the owners of the "PlayStation 4" platforms to access email settings, and click on the option  "Receive messages from Friends only", to avoid receiving any messages containing malicious software.


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