Pompeo to a Qatari newspaper: Withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan is a right thing to do, and keep promises

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described the US administration’s decision to withdraw US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan as “the correct course of action to fulfill the promises we made.”

In an interview with the Qatari newspaper, Al-Raya, on the sidelines of his visit to Doha yesterday, and published by the newspaper on Sunday, Pompeo said, "We have monitored the conditions on the ground. We will continue to monitor them ... Focusing only on the number of soldiers is one thing in light of many other things we do." We believe that we still have the tools to fulfill the two commitments made by President Donald Trump. "

On the results of the US presidential election, Pompeo said, "The transition will be fine ... I am sure of that ... and the world must know that America will go through the election process ... and we will count all our votes ... and we will follow our legal procedures, exactly as We always do ... I am confident of the American constitution and American institutions. Everything will be fine. "

And whether his visit to Doha and a number of countries in the region is a sign of an imminent reconciliation to bridge the Gulf rift, Pompeo said only, "I hope so ... We have worked hard throughout the region to create more prosperity and peace. We saw that in the work that I was doing for the sake of Peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. I have seen it in the work we have done in other parts of the Middle East as well. "


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