Friday marches will resolve the capinet decision on Gaza

Gaza _ Agencies

The Israeli website said that the return marches on the border of the Gaza Strip on Friday will resolve the decision of the Israeli cabinet to "capinet " on entering into a large-scale operation in the sector.

The site confirmed that all the ministers of the cabinet supported not entering into a large-scale operation in Gaza and conducting the truce under Egyptian auspices, while stressing the need to carry out a strike against Hamas.

The commanders of the military occupation army had recommended that the political security cabinet of the Cabnet initiate a short military operation in the Gaza Strip, including the implementation of large-scale air raids in the strip.

The Israeli position (0404) said that after six hours of the meeting, the Cabinet had decided to return to calm on the Gaza Strip and not to start a military operation in the Gaza Strip at the moment. According to the Orbit news website, the council demanded that all settlers in Beersheba's settlements and the Gaza oud cover E to work normally.

The site noted that although the capinet would carry out further studies and assessments on the feasibility of a military operation in Gaza.


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