Gaza health warns of the coming wave of the Corona pandemic

Abd al-Salam Sabah, Director General of Hospitals at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, warned today, Wednesday, of the coming wave of the Corona pandemic in light of the citizens ’lack of commitment to safety and prevention measures, which resulted in a significant increase in the number of injured.

Sabah explained in a press statement that this may affect the capacity of specialized hospitals to treat critical and serious cases of Covid-19 patients inside the European Gaza Hospital.

He pointed out that his ministry is making strenuous efforts to expand the capacity of the beds and other specialized places to enhance covid services inside hospitals, to reach 100 beds equipped with all necessary needs, oxygen treatment and other medical devices.

Sabah indicated that the places designated to convert them to special departments for Corona will be rearranged, and medical cadres will be trained to work within these sites, which have reached 50 doctors until the moment to work in intensive care departments, in addition to training 200 nurses to support these services.

The General Director of Hospitals said that work is underway to open these departments in Beit Hanoun, Indonesian, Martyrs of Al Aqsa Hospitals, Al-Shifa and Nasser Medical Complexes, in addition to the European Gaza Hospital and the Turkish Friendship Hospital, attributing the reason for this to the increase in serious cases of Coronavirus, which need It was mainly for oxygen treatment and European Hospital was unable to accommodate large numbers.

Sabah called on citizens to take the utmost degree of prevention and safety and not be underestimated, especially after the infection has been transmitted to a number of health service providers, including medical and nursing staff, which may affect the provision of service in the event of an escalation in the numbers of the injured, stressing the commitment to wearing masks and physical distancing. If any symptoms are suspected, he is isolated and not in contact with others, especially chronic patients, the elderly and those with weak immunity, especially with the advent of winter and the spread of seasonal flu cases.


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