132 prisoners infected with Corona since the start of the pandemic

The media advisor for the Prisoners' Affairs and Editors Authority, Hassan Abd Rabbo, told Voice of Palestine Radio today, Tuesday, that the total number of prisoners infected with the Coronavirus in the occupation prisons has reached 132 since the start of the pandemic.

Today, the Asir Club announced that Asir was infected with Corona in "Gilboa" prison.

He explained that the occupation prisons administration informed the prisoners in "Gilboa" that a prisoner had been infected with Corona in Section (1).

The prisoner club said that the state of anxiety is escalating among the prisoners, with the continued registration of new infections, 15 days after the detection of the spread of the virus infection in "Gilboa".

The Prisoner Club pointed out that the majority of the injured are in section (3) of "Gilboa" prison, and another part was transferred to "Raymond" prison, and four prisoners were transferred to the isolation of "Ramle" prison, while five prisoners were transferred to "Silmon" prison. They were in contact with the prisoner, who was announced today.


The prisoners in "Gilboa" prison, numbering about 360, are facing difficult and dangerous conditions and a feeling of concern about their fate and their lives, especially the sick, according to what the prisoner club said.

The prisoners called on all the competent authorities to take action and seriously pressure the occupation, in order to ensure the provision of the necessary preventive measures for them, as the prisoners are forced to buy most of their needs at their own expense, including masks and cleaning materials.

He stated that the number of prisoners infected with the "Corona" virus since the second of November has exceeded 100, after another infection was recorded yesterday in "Ofer" prison, in addition to the infection today in "Gilboa" prison.

The Prisoners Club held the occupation prisons administration full responsibility for the lives of the prisoners, considering that the continued spread of the epidemic inside the prisons, with what it constitutes of a fertile environment for the spread of the disease, foreshadows a catastrophe, especially with the lack of necessary preventive measures and the continued management of the occupation prisons by turning the epidemic into a tool of abuse against prisoners.

The Prisoners Club again called on international human rights institutions, led by the United Nations and the World Health Organization, to press the occupation to release the sick and elderly prisoners, to stop the daily arrests, to allow the existence of a neutral medical committee to supervise the health prisoners and to ensure the provision of the necessary preventive measures within the prisoners' sections.


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