Settlers expel representatives of the European Union from southern Jerusalem

 Today, Israeli settlers expelled representatives of the European Union countries who were visiting the "Givat Hamatos" settlement south of occupied Jerusalem.

The visit came to review the situation in the region after announcing the publication of bids to build 1,200 settlement units in the neighborhood, in which the building of settlement units in it will separate the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Safafa from Bethlehem.

According to the Arabic-speaking Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, the deputy mayor of the occupation in Jerusalem, Arieh King, expelled the United Nations representative to Israel from the settlement neighborhood, after he arrived to denounce the decision aimed at expanding the outline map of the neighborhood.

King and a group of Yemeni settlers raised the Israeli flag over the heads of the UN delegate and his accompanying delegation, describing them as anti-Semites and hypocrites.

Yesterday, representatives of the European Union visited the neighborhood itself, where a number of settlers were waiting for them, who asked them to return to their homes and described them as anti-Semites.

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