Malfunction hits YouTube for two hours without knowing why

The online video platform "YouTube" reported Wednesday night, that a malfunction has been fixed that prevented users from watching content for two hours.

"We are back ... sorry for the disconnection. This has been fixed in all YouTube devices and services, thanks for your patience with us," the trouble-shooting team said two hours after acknowledging the problem.

"If you are currently facing a problem watching videos on YouTube, you are not alone," the team said in a preliminary post. "Our team is aware of the problem and is working on it."

According to the "Down Detector" site, which tracks the status of the sites, users began to face problems on the site after 4 pm (0000 GMT Thursday), where some 286 thousand users reported problems at some point. YouTube services returned after six in the evening.

YouTube did not immediately specify how many users were affected by this problem or what caused it.


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