An exceptional pink diamond sold for $ 26.6 million in Geneva

An exceptional pink diamond from the largest raw pink diamonds discovered in Russia was sold for $ 26.6 million (with commission) during an auction organized by the "Sotheby's" house yesterday evening, Wednesday. In Geneva.

Dubbed "The Spirit of the Rose" after a famous ballet show, this 14.83 carat whole diamond is the largest piece offered at auction in the bright purple-pink diamond category.

A few minutes later, the oval-shaped diamond that was auctioned online due to the Covid-19 pandemic was sold for 21 million Swiss francs, the equivalent of $ 26.6 million with a commission.

Bonoit Rebelan, director of fine jewelry sales at Sotheby's in Geneva, noted that this piece broke the record for a pink-purple diamond.

Sotheby's estimated its price at between 23 and 38 million dollars.

The buyer bidding by phone, preferring to remain anonymous.

The original diamond stone from which this diamond is a piece was discovered in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Northeast Siberia in 2017 by the Russian "Alrosa" group, and it took a year of meticulous work to cut it and give it an oval shape while preserving its brilliant color.

Pink diamonds are the rarest and most in demand in the world market.

The CTF Star Pink still holds the record for the most expensive pink diamond ever sold at auction, and it was sold for $ 71.2 million in 2017 in Hong Kong. Five of the ten most expensive diamonds sold at auctions are pink, according to Sotheby's. They have all sold out over the last decade.

The sale of "The Spirit of the Rose" comes a few days after the closure of the world's largest pink diamond mine in Australia. This closure affects the price and desire to own pink diamonds.


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