Gaza health warns of an increase in the number of serious cases of corona

Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip called on citizens to be more careful and take preventive and safety measures in light of the significant increase in the number of people infected with Covid 19 virus in the Strip, and what follows from the increase in the number of serious infections with the virus, which You need intensive care.

The Director of the Critical Medicine Department at the Ministry, Iyad Abu Karsh, said in a press statement that the number of serious cases of Covid 19 virus is witnessing a remarkable increase compared to previous weeks.

Abu Karsh added, "While we were previously talking about an occupancy rate of intensive care beds that did not exceed 7 out of 50 beds for severe cases infected with Covid 19, today we are talking about 20 cases, 9 of which are under respirators."

And he considered that this is a dangerous indicator of the development of the epidemiological situation, warning that the situation will go worse, which affects the clinical capacity of intensive care and ventilators in the European Gaza Hospital.


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