A woman who has not been drinking water for 64 years. It was not

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A British old lady revealed her lifestyle, which runs counter to what doctors used to recommend, giving up drinking water and having a soft drink for decades.

Jackie Page, 77, has replaced drinking water throughout her life by drinking a "Pepsi " While still enjoying good health and svelte's body, besides being a mother of four, she is also a grandmother of 11 grandchildren, according to the British Daily Mail.


According to Paige, she spent approximately £65,000 on buying Pepsi cans where she finds great pleasure immediately after drinking, although doctors warn of osteoporosis that may result from regular intake.

For 64 years, Paige used to drink Pepsi, after she had taken the first packet since she was 13 years old.

Paige stopped drinking Pepsi only when she was pregnant, in the 1970s, when doctors did not allow him to drink.

She did not drink water, she would not drink until she died, and she was not a fan of tea, coffee, milk and other beverages.

"I don't make Pepsi an addiction, it's just my morning drink... but when I get cold or go out for a walk, take a bottle."

Because she drank only Pepsi, Paige was sometimes ridiculed, but she did not care about it, she said.


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