The occupation arrests 3 Palestinians from Ramallah and searches houses in Hebron

Today, Sunday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 3 Palestinian youths from Ramallah, and raided and searched several homes in Hebron, and set up their checkpoints in different areas of the Hebron governorate .

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said, in a written statement, that Israeli soldiers arrested Suhail Abu Dayya from Birzeit town, Muhannad Al-Azza and Marcel Raed Zebar from the town of Kober, after they raided and searched their homes .

In a related context, the occupation soldiers raided several areas in the Hebron governorate (the south of the West Bank), searched several homes, agricultural lands and sheep pens, and set up their military checkpoints at the entrance to the towns of Samu and Yatta in the south, and at the northern entrance to the city of Hebron, "Halhul Bridge", and Mafraq "Rubber", and closed the iron gate at the entrance to Al-Arroub camp (north of Hebron), and searched citizens' vehicles and checked their identities.


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