Violent demonstrations in Spain against anti-Corona measures

Spanish media reported today, Saturday, that many cities across the country witnessed clashes after midnight between the authorities and protesters against the recent controls imposed to combat the Corona virus.

There were unrest in cities including Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Burgos and Lyon. In many cases the violence appeared to be instigated by right-wing groups associated with football clubs.

La Vanguardia newspaper and RTVA television reported that hundreds of people clashed with police in Barcelona late yesterday evening. Pictures broadcast by those networks showed that demonstrators threw stones at police and set fire to garbage bins, and media outlets reported that some shops were looted. And 12 people were arrested.

The police blamed Barcelona's Ultras members, "Buchos noice" (crazy boys).

There were similar incidents in other cities. In Villafranca del Bendes in southern Catalonia, about 120 young people chanted the word "freedom" from the restrictions of the Corona virus and tried to storm the city council, according to the newspaper "La Vanguardia".

Spain is one of the European countries hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, the Spanish parliament approved the extension of a state of alert throughout the country - the third highest state of emergency - until May 9. Many regions have closed themselves to travel.

In Catalonia, residents are not permitted to leave their towns or cities on weekends. Many cities, including Barcelona, ​​have implemented a night curfew. Schools and kindergartens remain open, but restaurants, theaters, cinemas and fitness clubs are closed.


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