AlQidrah: Gaza cannot tolerate closure and the number of Corona infections poses a risk

Ashraf al-Qidrah, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said today, Thursday, that the number of recorded infections with the Coronavirus poses a great danger to society and puts pressure on the health system in light of the fear of a high number of cases, if no commitment is made before.

In a radio interview, Al-Qidrah confirmed that there is a sharpening in the curve of the outbreak in the Gaza Strip, despite the great effort to reduce injuries, but the complacency of the citizens resulted in this increase.

He indicated that non-compliance with contacts was the main reason for the increase in the injury curve, indicating that more than 75% of injuries are due to non-compliance with the contacts.

"Whenever there is commitment from the citizens, there will be a decrease in the number of injuries," said the Gaza health spokesman.

"It is absolutely impossible to close life to citizens, and the most prominent headline in this confrontation is citizen awareness and commitment, in order to open more sectors that the citizen needs," he added.

He continued that "the Gaza Strip is not likely to tighten procedures, and we are at a very important stage after the opening of schools and institutions, and we hope that we will not have to close again."

He stressed the need for families to follow closely their children in order to protect them and everyone, and until this sensitive phase passes without closing the sector.

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