Gaza Health: We have taken the necessary measures to confront Covid19 in the winter

Abd al-Salam Sabah, Director General of Hospitals at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said today, Tuesday, that the ministry has taken the necessary measures to deal with the Corona virus in the next stage in preparation for the arrival of winter.

In a statement distributed by the ministry, Sabah said that work is underway to improve the readiness of triage places inside hospitals, establish other tents, and expand existing screening places to enhance their steadfastness to continue providing their services for a longer period in light of the pandemic.

He pointed out that within the prepared plan, the European Gaza Hospital for Corona patients will be expanded, the number of intensive care beds in it will be increased, and the Turkish Friendship Hospital will be prepared, so that it receives Corona patients from moderate and severe cases that need to stay overnight.

Sabah indicated that a place has been allocated in every hospital in the Gaza Strip for Corona patients, with a capacity ranging from 180 to 200 beds, distributed according to the capacity of each hospital, and supporting it with emergency needs to relieve the burden on other hospitals for the "Covid 19" victims.

The Director General of Hospitals at the Ministry of Health in Gaza indicated that the prepared plans will be implemented according to the development of the epidemiological situation in the community in the winter season.

Sabah said that the medical staff in hospitals are making double efforts in taking preventive measures in hospitals for their safety and the safety of patients, by working to unify hospital entry gates, allocating one entrance and exit for patients, preventing patient visits, and committing to having only one companion with each patient who carries a card Of its own.

The official at the Ministry of Health in Gaza called on citizens to adhere to preventive measures related to the Corona virus, especially with the approaching winter season, and for citizens not to gather in closed and narrow rooms and to maintain physical distancing to preserve their lives and the lives of their loved ones, especially the elderly, inpatients and those with weak immunity.

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