The Israeli "state" observer: The government has failed to confront Corona

The report of the Israeli "state" observer, Netanyahu Engelman, revealed the government's disastrous failure in its response to the Corona virus over the past months since its outbreak began last March.

According to the report, there are major shortcomings in dealing with the crisis, especially in the second wave, calling on the competent authorities to work quickly and efficiently to correct the deficiencies in order to improve the continuous response to the virus crisis.

The report indicated that the epidemiological investigations that were carried out by locating patients and their contacts by the Shin Bet security service have failed, and have not fully fulfilled the mission entrusted to it by the government, and has been acted in violation of the rules and procedures several times, in violation of privacy.

The report shows that hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been sent unnecessarily to isolation.

The report also criticized the loopholes that followed the distance education process, as it was found that more than 135 thousand students (constituting 7.5%) do not have computers, and some of them do not have an Internet connection, and that the Ministry of Education was not aware of this.

The report touched upon gaps related to laboratory tests, including 74% of Israelis waiting for the results after 36 hours, while 33% were waiting more than 72 hours, and it criticized the process of epidemiological investigations in amputating the chain of transmission of the virus spreading, as there was a shortcoming in the speed of tracking the map. Epidemiological waiting time longer than required.

The report criticized the process of not having a flu vaccine available last September, indicating that preparations have not yet been completed to provide the vaccine to ensure that it reaches all Israelis.

The report recommended a series of recommendations to end these loopholes, and other loopholes related to the health and medical situation in Israel.

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