The occupation arrests 14 citizens

The Israeli occupation forces arrested, last night, and today, Monday, 14 citizens of the West Bank, including a former prisoner, and a former prisoner suffering from cancer and kidney failure.

The prisoner club said, in a statement, that the occupation forces arrested four citizens of Jenin, and they are: Hani Ata Abu Armila, Mujahid al-Dabbous, Saddam al-Saadi, and Wissam Mahmoud Abu Ubaid.

From Bethlehem, the occupation forces arrested Nidal Abu Aahour, a former prisoner suffering from cancer and kidney failure. He was released last July from the "Ramla Clinic" prison, after his health condition worsened. Another resident of Bethlehem, Firas Ibrahim Al-Abayat, was also arrested.

The occupation forces also re-arrested Bayan Pharaoh, the former prisoner, from her home in the town of Al-Eizariya, noting that she was released from the occupation prisons last July, after spending (42) months.

While the occupation forces from Jerusalem arrested: Naseem Harbi Ubaid from Al-Issawiya, and Muhammad Adnan Abu Al-Hawa from the town of Al-Tur.

From Ramallah, the occupation arrested the former prisoners Rashad Karaja and Moufid Hassan.

In addition to the detainees, Aref Salama Rashid Haribat, Bashir Abdul Qadir al-Shahatit from Hebron, and Ayham Aql from the town of Sebastia in Nablus.

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