Al-Asir Club: The repression forces storm section (7) in "Raymond" prison

Today, Monday, the oppressive forces (Almistada, Yamaz, and Al-Yamam) stormed section (7) in "Raymond" prison and began conducting extensive searches.

The prisoner club said in a statement that the occupation prisons administration has escalated the incursions, which constitute the most prominent tools of repression and abuse used against prisoners. Since the beginning of last year, the prisoners have witnessed the most violent incursions, and dozens of prisoners have been seriously wounded.

The oppressive forces (the transgressors, the Doror, and the Yemaz), which are considered the most violent and brutal forces of repression, yesterday stormed the section of the young prisoners (children) in "Ofer" prison, and killed them and their representatives to Section (18), to carry out inspections.

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