Aircraft meals in Singapore as compensation for the travel ban

Hundreds of aviation fans flocked to the makeshift restaurants set up by Singapore Airlines, "Singapore Airlines" in two planes perched on the airport tarmac, and enjoyed eating in the passenger seats while watching movies on the small installed screens Before them, as if on one of the "old days" trips.

In light of the great crisis facing the travel sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic, airlines have come up with ideas to make money, including "trips to nowhere" or visits to planes.

Singapore Airlines, which has dismissed thousands of employees and most of its planes are still parked on the tarmac, has made the opportunity for its passengers to dine in two A380 aircraft, the largest commercial aircraft in the world.

More than 400 people booked their seats on Saturday, completed the steps of registering their names at Changi Airport, then went through the usual security procedures before flights, and boarded the plane to enjoy the promised banquet.

As Zhou Tai Dee, a 17-year-old major in economics, scooped chicken with soy sauce, fried eggplant and rice, he said, "The quality of the food is unbelievable, better than what is served on real trips."

While waiting for the arrival of the expected meal, some people may take a nap, while others stop watching a movie on the integrated screen in the seat in front of it.

About half of the seats on the plane were kept vacant, in compliance with social distancing measures.

Calvin Teo, a 29-year-old employee who loves to fly, did not hesitate to pay $ 321 ($ 236) for a six-course assortment served in the business cabin. The young man admitted that he was eager to travel by plane, stressing his willingness to repeat the experience.

"There is no doubt that the feeling of actual flying is better, because it involves the excitement of traveling to a new destination and discovering it. Since we cannot live this experience at present due to the pandemic, this solution is a good alternative to stimulate the sensations of travel," he told AFP.

As for the higher-priced version, it is a combination of eight dishes served in the first class cabin for 642 local dollars (473 US dollars), while the lowest price allows you to have three dishes in the economy class cabin for 53 dollars (39 US dollars).

A limited number of guests were able to visit the two-layer sections of the plane, and take selfies in the cockpit with the pilots.

These meals are witnessing a great turnout, and the company announced, in response to the volume of demand, the organization of six additional "trips" after it sold more than 900 tickets in less than half an hour.

Singapore Airlines also provides home delivery of meals for airplanes, but it has dismissed projects to organize "trips to nowhere", which are short trips that take off and land at the same airport, due to an uproar about their environmental impact.

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