Gaza is a truncated youth. Investigation of French channel angered Israel

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The second French channel conducted a television investigation into its famous survey program  "special Envoy " (spécial envoyé), which is the reality of thousands of Palestinians who were injured while participating in the return marches as a result of the firing by the occupying forces in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli ambassador in Paris, Eliza Banon, in a letter to the administration of the "France TV" Télévision France, called for the cancellation of the television investigation broadcast.

The French channel did not heed the request of the Israeli ambassador, suspend the broadcasts or give Israel the right of reply at least, and broadcast the investigation, which the ambassador considered to be "inciting hatred against Israel and could have direct negative repercussions on the physical integrity of the Jewish French."

The investigation, aired by the French Channel II, is on Thursday evening, titled "Gaza... Truncated youth ", in detail the use of the occupation forces

Of live ammunition against demonstrators trying to cross or congregate near the separation wall. The investigation indicates that the shooting

The Palestinian demonstrators, who regularly congregate every Friday, killed 140 people and injured 4,500 since

Marches started in March/March last.

The airing of the investigation sparked controversy, as the spokesman of the Israeli embassy in Paris said that this was the first time that this kind of request had been sent to a French channel since the receipt of Ambassador Elise Banon's work and why he was "misled and targeted by the investigation," as he put it.

French newspapers criticized the Israeli ambassador's mixing between Jews and Israel, which made any criticism of Israel inevitably lead to the nurturing of "anti-Semitism."

The editor of the France2 Channel, Ivan Martini, described the attempt by the Israeli Embassy to intervene in the editorial line of the "dangerous and unprecedented" channel, stressing that it would not delete any part of the investigation.

The wording of the letter of the Israeli ambassador's protest and the statement by the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France, Francis Kaleva, which the ambassador used the same warning words against the danger of preparing the television investigation mentioned in the "Alihudalen Francín", notes a similarity.

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