Twitter is gradually returning to work normally after suffering a global crash

Twitter gradually returned to work normally Thursday evening after a global malfunction, apparently caused by a technical defect, led to its downtime for nearly two hours, in an accident that came in the wake of severe criticism Which directed the social media site to block a political article in the midst of the US presidential election campaign.

The Californian group said in a tweet on its account, "Twitter has been disrupted for many of you, and we are working to restore the situation to normal for everyone."

The tweet added, "We encountered some problems with our internal systems, and we have no evidence of a security breach or information attack."

At around 23:40 GMT, it was possible to perform certain functions, such as retweeting a message, but many users were still unable to send new Tweets.

A Twitter spokesperson told AFP, "We know that people face problems in tweeting and using Twitter. We seek to solve this problem as quickly as possible."

Twitter users who had trouble Tweeting got a message that said: "Something went wrong, but don't worry. Try again."

Downdetector site has received notifications from users around the world that they are unable to use the platform. Much of these notices are concentrated on the east coast of the United States.

The defect apparently began at around 21:30 GMT.

Since Wednesday morning, Twitter has been under severe criticism from the American right, and observers who are dissatisfied with the social network’s decision to ban the sharing of a controversial article published by the conservative New York Post alleging that it exposes corrupt dealings that linked the Democratic candidate for the White House elections, Joe Biden, to a Ukrainian gas company that was running Hunter Biden. Son of the former Vice President.


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