23 deaths and 1,511 cases of corona in Israel, and many restrictions on the closure were lifted, starting from Sunday

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced in a statement Thursday evening that the number of Corona deaths in Israel rose to 2,121 deaths, while the injuries rose to 300011 after recording 23 deaths, 1511 injuries within less than 24 hours, from It is half past six in the evening, until six in the evening.

The statement said that of the total 730 injuries, their condition was described as critical, of whom 248 were connected to artificial respirators, while 256684 injured recovered.

Thus, the number of injuries currently active in Israel is 41,203.

This evening, a joint statement was issued by the Israeli Prime Minister's Office and the Israeli Ministry of Health, announcing the new facilities for closure. The following is the text of the statement:

Today, the Ministerial Cabinet for Coronavirus Affairs (Coronavirus Cabinet) convened by order of the Israeli Prime Minister to discuss the first phase of the closure plan. 18.10.20, provided that there is no change in the number of injuries.

The minimum criteria for the first stage: an average of 2000 infections per day, the rate of infection is 0.8

The cabinet ministers decided that the implementation of the closure plan would be suspended in case the number of injuries increased again and the restrictions returned.

A separate session will be held to discuss the areas with high infection rates to be declared as restricted areas until the end of the week.

The first phase of the shutdown plan:

1. The return of workplaces without an audience.

2. Providing take away service from restaurants.

3. The reopening of nurseries and kindergartens for generations 0-6, according to the scheme that will be approved by the Ministry of Health.

4. Opening natural reserves, parks and beaches.

5. Cancel the exit restrictions from the house.

6. Canceling the ban on visits, taking care not to gather.

7. Gathering - up to 20 people in open space, up to 10 people in closed space.

The public is kindly requested to follow the instructions in order to be able to continue reducing the injury rate in accordance with the objectives set by the Ministry of Health in order to resume in the next stages of facilitation, "as stated in the statement.

Ramallah - “Jerusalem” dot com - The cumulative number of people infected with Coronavirus in Israel, this evening, Thursday, has reached more than 300 thousand cases since last March, with the spread of the disease.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, the cumulative number has reached 300011, while the number of deaths has reached 2121.

The active cases reached 41,203, and 256684 recovered.

The severe cases reached 730, while 248 were connected to artificial respirators.


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