Trump starts campaigning again after contracting Covid as his numbers plummet in the polls

After announcing that he had acquired "immunity" against the Corona virus and that it could not "transmit the infection" to anyone, US President Donald Trump launched his election campaign again on Monday, after it was disrupted for eleven days Through three election festivals, in three states that are crucial to him, namely the states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa, to reduce the gap in opinion polls between him and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

The American elections will be held on November 3, that is, after three weeks, during which Trump will use everything he can to stimulate his electoral base and recover what he lost due to his infection with the Coronavirus.

Trump considers that the hearings, which began Monday in the Senate to confirm his right-wing conservative Supreme Court candidate Amy Connie Barrett, are a trump card for him among conservatives and puritanism, which will provide him with hesitant votes, or place him in the White House with her vote as the ninth member of the Supreme Court if the results come out. The electoral system, and the decision is attributed to whoever wins the elections to the Supreme Court with its republican majority.

The Republican-controlled Senate has begun hearings for 48-year-old Judge Barrett, which will undoubtedly shift the nation's highest court firmly to the right for generations to come.

In a brief statement published on Saturday evening (10/10), Trump doctor Sean Connelly affirmed that the US president "is no longer considered a possible source of the transmission of Covid-19 infection."

On Sunday, Trump announced that the result of the Covid-19 test that he was conducted was "completely negative" and wrote on Twitter "that is, I cannot be infected again with the virus," adding that he has acquired "(immunity) and cannot transmit (infection). It is very good. Know this. "

But it has not yet been announced that he is not carrying the virus, and his statements have not been validated that he has immunity.

In a telephone interview with Fox News, Trump said, "It seems I have immunity, maybe for a long time, maybe for a short period, or maybe for life. Nobody really knows but I'm immune."

"Today you have a president who does not need to hide in his basement like his opponent," Trump added, referring to Democratic candidate Joe Biden who has taken a much more cautious approach during the election campaign during the pandemic.

It is noteworthy that scientists in the United States indicated that it is not yet clear to what extent infection with Covid-19 conferred immunity from infection again, as the first studies indicated that a recovered may have immunity for a few months, while more recent studies indicated that immunity may last for a longer period. .

The social network Twitter blocked Trump's tweet about his immunization for violating the platform's rules related to spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to Covid-19.

Trump, 74, underwent treatment with an experimental mixture of antibodies made by Regeneron, which may provide immunity for only a few months when taken as a treatment rather than as a vaccine.

Trump trails Biden in most polls by about 9 points, just three weeks before the November 3 election.

Trump hinted in his interview with Fox News that his 77-year-old Democratic opponent might be sick, saying, "If you look at Joe, he was coughing terribly (Saturday 10/10), then grabbed his muzzle, then coughed."

Biden's team always publishes the results of its tests to detect the Corona virus, all of which have so far been negative, since Trump was declared infected with the virus on October 1 and was admitted to a military hospital for three days.

Even more ambiguity surrounds Trump's health, as his medical team refuses to announce the date of his last negative test. This position reinforces doubts that the president did not undergo any test for several days before his positive test on October 1.

The results on Monday, October 12, showed that Covid-19 has killed more than 214,000 people and infected 7.8 million others in the United States, but the president urged Americans not to fear the virus.

In a related case, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases and a member of the Coronavirus Cell, expressed his displeasure with a propaganda video for the Trump campaign that breaks into his statement to suggest that he is praising the way the Republican candidate ran the Covid-19 pandemic.

"I have been in public service for nearly five decades, and I have never publicly supported any political candidate," Fauci said in a press release.

The 30-second Trump campaign video deals with the US president's personal experience with the virus, and states that "President Trump is recovering from the Corona virus as well as America," and then includes a short excerpt in which Fauci praises the way Trump responded to the pandemic.

Biden criticized the Trump administration’s handling of the Corona virus, and tweeted on Sunday, “In January (last), I said that President Trump was the worst possible leader to deal with a public health crisis. Everything we have gone through in the months since then has proven true.”


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