Martyr and injured 6 others in massive Israeli shelling of Gaza

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A citizen was martyred and six others injured in heavy and massive shelling of several locations across the Gaza Strip overnight, causing material damage and a widespread panic among the population, especially as it covered large parts of the strip, according to a reporter with Jerusalem.

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip later confirmed the martyrdom of the young man, Ali Ghandur, 30, from the northern Gaza Strip.

A march targeted a group of youths in the northern Gaza City of sultans, causing the youths of al-Ghandour to be shot and injuring another youth, and the Sourani Mountain, west of Beit Lahia, was shelled in the middle of the night (Wednesday-Thursday), causing injuries and shelling of the Palestinian position north of Beit Lahia.

The al-Qassam Brigades and the resistance factions fired several bursts of rockets at Israeli gatherings and positions in response to the aggression, while the sirens continued to reverberated in locations

The shelling was initially targeted at the vicinity of the Sudanese station in Al-Khazindar, which was bombed by drones, but the Israeli warplanes bombed the area near a maritime police checkpoint.

In these bombardments, the occupation used missiles, rocket-propelled grenades and other explosive devices.

"Al-Quds" said that the Israeli shelling continued and widened and extended to the Marot building near the Sudanese roundabout in northwest Gaza, a batsman factory in the area, locations north of Rafah, the Rafah border, central and west Gaza City, Khanyounis, the Al-Nadi area, a site in Abasan, and Abu Jarad near the Netzarim settlement and other areas and locations of the sector.

A spokesman for the occupying army later announced that Israeli warplanes bombed 12 targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including a "factory to manufacture components dedicated to the construction of tunnels and concrete slabs of expenditure, a tunnel for maritime terrorism in the coastal zone and targets in a number of military positions, weapons The rockets, a military compound operating as a central shopping depot, "according to the Israeli spokesperson.

The "Tunnel components factory" was claimed to be a site dedicated to the hotel, which was taken over by the Hamas organization in 2012. It produces components of terrorist expenditure under civilian cover. "

He said the attack was carried out in retaliation for rocket fire on the Gaza cover settlements and shooting at an Israeli army engineering vehicle earlier in the day.

"Hamas continues its activities against the Israeli army, security infrastructure and attempts to inflict harm on Israeli citizens," he said.

The spokesman of the Israeli occupation army blamed the Hamas movement for everything that was happening inside and outside the Gaza Strip, and would bear the consequences for the military actions carried out "against the citizens of Israel." Adding that the occupation army is ready for a series of scenarios

The army informed the residents of the settlements near the Gaza Strip that it was carrying out operations and called on them to abide by the protected areas.

Sirens were sounded in the Negev, in Ashkelon and in other areas, without knowing why the sirens were being fired.

An Israeli was shot by a sniper near the fence east of Gaza, followed by Israeli artillery shelling at a monitoring site of Hamas brigades in east Gaza, while the Israeli army reported that eight rockets were fired from Gaza into Israeli gatherings, two of which landed in Sderot and injured Minor injuries and physical damage to several vehicles.

The escalation began when the Israeli occupation army on Tuesday targeted and killed two Hamas militants in Gaza.


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