Preventive medicine in Gaza: We may reach a scenario of re-closing the Strip completely

Majdi Daher, Director of Preventive Medicine in Gaza, announced tuesday evening that Senario could be reached to re-close the Gaza Strip completely if the number of casualties in The Corona virus continues to rise.

"If the increase in the number of infections in The Corona virus continues, this will pose a serious threat to Gaza, and we are working to prepare the health system for the winter in the midst of the spread of hives," he said. According to the people.

"We are seeking to increase the capacity in the number of laboratory surveys for Virus Corona, but there must be a strong role for the citizen to keep him safe from the virus," he said.He explained that a new level of readiness has been reached to deal with The Virus Corona, and the preparation of the equipment is provided with artificial respiration and the reception of more people with hives in Gaza.

 He stressed that the easing of measures in some areas of the Gaza Strip would be subject to the compliance with the precautionary measures so that the virus of Corona would not spread again.

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