Japan.. Discovering the ingredients for future medications for Alzheimer´s treatment

Tokyo _ Agencies

The Nobel Prize laureate, Cina Yamanaka, announced the discovery of the ingredients of "promising medicines" for the treatment of Alzheimer's patients and atrophic lateral sclerosis.

"We are making efforts to devise drugs to combat and treat rare and incurable diseases," the scientist told the Russian Novosti news agency. On the basis of the results of our study, we began an experimental test of tissue fibrosis (fibrosisplasia), which transforms soft tissues, muscles, cartilage and tendons into bones. To date, there are no medications to treat the disease.

"Moreover, we have found promising materials for the production of medications to treat atrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease," the world added.

The Japanese scientist, Cina Yamanaka, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and physiology in 2012, in appreciation of the revolutionary breakthrough achieved by the production of artificial stem cells of human skin (IPS), which have since been used and converted to the cells of the heart muscle, retina, nerve cells and parts Intestines and kidneys

Source: Novosti


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