Gaza Health: We are still in the containment phase of the Corona virus

Magdy Dahir, Deputy Director General of Primary Care and Head of the Health Committee at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said today, Monday, that the ministry is still in the containment phase of the Corona virus, and that more preventive measures must be taken to stop the fluctuation in the number of recorded infections Daily.

In a radio interview, Dahir indicated that the epidemiological map in the Gaza Strip is updated on a daily basis, according to the cases that are recorded and the foci that are discovered.

He pointed out that there are still foci in which the number of injuries is still recorded in a large way, especially the Gaza Governorate and its north, which is also classified as a red zone.

He stated that the Ministry of Health in Gaza monitors, on a daily basis, the case of recorded infections through field investigation to find out the source of infection for each case discovered, and take the necessary and preventive measures for these cases.

"Today and yesterday, there is a decrease in the number of HIV cases, but compared to recoveries, this is not a decrease, but rather a higher rate of recovery," Dahir said.

The health official stressed the need for citizens to adhere to preventive and safety measures, such as wearing a muzzle and physically staying away at least a meter, and using sterilizers periodically.

"This is largely reflected in the number of injuries and the decrease in the daily numbers recorded," he said.

He added, "Reaching the next stage of coexistence, and people's commitment to preventive measures, and the dramatic decrease in numbers determines the date of reaching this stage, and there is great clarity in the epidemiological map of the outbreak of the virus in the regions."


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