A girl whose memory was completely erased. And go back to life with a "white brain."

London _ Agencies

The 25-year-old British young woman, Fran Gil, did not know that one day she would not be able to identify her closest family members and friends, after a complicated process of a rare brain disease.

After the operation, Jill woke up "a completely different person" after her memories were erased due to a rare encephalitis, in which the body's immune system started attacking intact brain cells, the British newspaper "Mirror " reported Saturday.

The marine biologist, from the province of Cornwall in Britain, lost everything she knew, including her five-year university education, and now has to learn how to get to know everything around her again.

"I didn't imagine having a meeting with people I've known for years was like meeting for the first time," Jill said. It's really sad. I also feel like I meet myself again, because I have absolutely no idea what I was before today  ".

"People say that I am a new person, that I am different and that they are compelled to accept it. All I want is to go back to my beautiful old memories.  "

The problem began with a generation of migraine headaches, which forced her to stay in bed for a week, where doctors thought the headache was caused by a muscle tightening in the neck at first.

But it evolved a few days later, when one of her friends asked her for an ambulance to take her directly to a hospital, and there was a coma in order to save her life, to ensure that no sudden movement could worsen.

A week later, after waking up in the hospital as a completely different person, Jill felt unable to read, walk or talk for several weeks, at which time she still needed to re-learn many basic life skills.

"Doing the simplest things, such as using a computer or navigating a supermarket, has become very difficult," she said.

"It's sad that all the years I've spent have been wiped out just like someone licked the chalk from the blackboard," she said.


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