Trump administration defends TikTok ban in court documents

The Trump administration has submitted documents defending a rule prohibiting the downloading of the social media application “Tik Tok” before its planned ban.

The ban will go into effect late tomorrow, Sunday, before midnight. The move will prevent stores such as the Apple App Store from offering to download TikTok.

The US government released the documents on Friday. In court documents, the administration repeated its assertion that TikTok collects a lot of data from US users. She indicated that from Washington's point of view, there is a risk that the Chinese authorities could access it.

Some sections of the court documents were crossed out in black. These clips also include why the US government continues to see the risks despite the assertion that data on US users will be stored in the US under an initial agreement between TikTok and two major US companies.

The court has scheduled a session for tomorrow, Sunday, to consider a request from "Tik Tok" to issue a court order against the ban on downloading.

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