Veteran British journalist Harold Evans dies

Veteran British journalist Harold Evans, known especially as managing editor of the "Sunday Times" newspaper, died at the age of 92, as announced by his wife, Tina Brown.

And the reactions followed the announcement of the death that occurred Wednesday in New York as a result of heart failure.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was himself a journalist for the "Times" newspaper and was expelled from it after he was accused of fabricating statements in 1988, praised Harold Evans as "a true pioneer in investigative journalism."

British Culture Minister Oliver Dowden paid homage to the "giant" journalist's spirit.

Harold Evans, from a humble family from the north of England, started his career with the local newspaper, Manchester Evening News.

During his tenure as managing editor of the "Sunday Times" newspaper between 1967 and 1981, he played a pivotal role in exposing the scandal of thalidomide, a drug that was given to pregnant women and was attributed to causing birth defects in fetuses.

He also published excerpts from the diaries of former Labor Minister Richard Crossman that the government wanted to prevent, despite threats of prosecution.

In 1981, he was appointed editor-in-chief of The Times, the daily edition of the newspaper, but he only stayed in his position for one year, following a dispute with the publication's owner, the famous businessman Robert Murdock. Evans accused the billionaire of having dismissed him from his position due to the newspaper's scathing stances against Margaret Thatcher.

This father of five had described journalism as a "passion" for him as he summarized his view of the profession by saying that "trying to get the truth requires the rejection of stereotypes and cliches."

After leaving the "Times" newspaper, Evans moved with his second wife, Tina Brown, to the United States, where he practiced the profession of education, and became especially director of the publishing house "Random House".


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