World Health Organization: Two million "probable" deaths from Covid-19 if all is not done

The World Health Organization warned Friday that it is "very likely" that the death toll from Covid-19 will reach two million if all is not done.

With the total death toll from Covid-19 around the world approaching one million cases, the organization considered that the possibilities of reaching the toll of two million are not excluded if countries and individuals do not coordinate efforts to address the crisis.

"A million cases (deaths) are a terrible number that we have to think about before we start thinking about the possibility of reaching the two million cases," said Michael Ryan, director of the WHO emergency program, in a video conference.

"Are we prepared to do whatever it takes to avoid (reaching) this number?" Asked Ryan.

The director of the emergency program said, "Unless we all make every effort, the numbers you are talking about will not be mere visualizations, but unfortunately and unfortunately very possible."

The new Corona virus has killed at least 984,684 people since its appearance in China last December, according to a toll prepared by Agence France-Presse based on official sources at 11:00 GMT on Friday.

About 32.3 million cases of the epidemic were recorded.

Ryan touched on the challenges facing the financing, production and distribution of future vaccines against COVID-19.

"It is a big task for all concerned, if we look at the loss of a million people within nine months, and then at the prospects for a vaccine in the next nine months," Ryan said.


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