Israel is implementing a settlement plan in Hares, which separates the east of Salfit from its west

The occupation authorities continue to raze Khilat Hodeidah in the village of Haris East of Salfit, and these operations have reached the old road connecting the village with its neighbors, Qarawat Bani Hassan and Bidya.

The head of the local council of Haris Omar Samara said in an interview with "Al-Quds" about the seriousness of what is happening: "We are facing an operation to divide the Salfit governorate into two parts that do not communicate between them. The sweeping operations that are now taking place in Khallet Hudaydah aim to annex the old road that was paved in The Jordanian era, and it reaches the western part of the governorate in the east to the settlements of Netafim and Borkan. The targeted area separating the two settlements, including the old road, is estimated at 80 dunums, and the disaster will be on the landowners and residential communities.

Samara added: "The occupation wants to embody, through the current sweeping works, the model of the village of Kafr Qaddum, when it closed the main entrance and annexed the old road and forced the people to turn more than 30 km to reach the main road that connects them to the outer perimeter, which is only a few hundred meters away from them. "

He continued, "We are facing a scene of dire consequences for farmers and landowners. The occupation and settlers are silently implementing a terrifying plan, and the region is awaiting a siege that has never been seen before, and what is required of us is to stand with one man standing in front of this scheme. Real annexation is taking place now in light of normalization agreements. Between the occupying power and a number of Arab countries. "

For his part, Muhammad Shamlawi, the owner of the targeted land, said: “The razing operations are continuing on our land, and the settlers and the occupation prevent us from planting any seedlings. And it is easy to settle there, as happened in the neighboring areas. "

In turn, a specialist in settlement affairs from Salfit, Khaled Shaheen, told "Al-Quds": "The settlement units that will be established in the region will lead to a geographical and demographic change in the place. Geographically, the eastern part of Salfit Governorate will be peeled off from the western part in exchange for terrifying settlement continuity, and from the demographic side." Thousands of settlers will be added to hundreds of new housing units at the expense of the Palestinians, whose suffering will increase as a result of these sudden changes.

It is noteworthy that there are more than 26 settlements built on the lands of Salfit governorate, the largest of which is on the level of the West Bank, "Ariel", which is considered a large city that extends over a continuous hill several kilometers. And there are four industrial zones with 600 factories that pollute the environment in the governorate.


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