UNRWA has no financial resources to pay the salaries of October

 Matthias Shamali, Director of UNRWA Operations in the Gaza Strip, said that UNRWA does not have financial resources to pay the salaries of next October, and that the financial situation is very worrying.

Shamali indicated that UNRWA is trying to return temporary contract employees to work again, indicating that this will mean, before returning them, what protection or support can be provided to them.

Shamali said in an interview with Jerusalem Radio in Gaza that the focus of UNRWA is currently on providing primary health care, providing food aid and cleaning camps, noting that there are many who have lost their livelihoods due to the Coronavirus and UNRWA is looking into how to help them in partnership with UN institutions.

"Our president now is to continue to keep people healthy and have access to food," he said.

He pointed out that UNRWA needs one million dollars to pay the compensation for damages to the victims of the 2014 war, indicating that the distribution of financial aid will begin upon their arrival.

Regarding education, the Director of UNRWA Operations said that no final decision has been made regarding the educational process, but our priority is to deliver textbooks to students at home.

He added: If conditions and local authorities allow, we will try to return students to their schools in reduced numbers, that is, in the mixed education system (at school and at home).

He continued: If circumstances do not allow returning to school, we will work to restore education remotely from home.


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