Israeli scenario: 1600 seriously ill with Corona within 3 weeks

Israeli government ministers were presented, last night, with a scenario described as "terrifying" about the possibility that the number of seriously ill patients connected on artificial respirators could exceed 1,600 cases.

There are currently 653 serious to critical cases in Israeli hospitals, and it is expected that until the evening of next Friday or Saturday, the number is expected to reach more than 800.

According to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the numbers will not stop, and according to a scenario presented to the ministers, by the middle of next month, that is, within 3 weeks, the number of severe cases will reach more than 1,600.

Health professionals and specialized universities and medical institutes presented these estimates to the ministers, by sharing the session over the phone, indicating that the number of deaths is on the rise and that it rose 10% during the month of August, compared to previous months, and it is expected that the number will double to record 700 deaths. New until next November.

At twelve o'clock in the afternoon, the mini-ministerial council, "Cabinet Corona," will hold a session with the aim of discussing tightening measures.


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