47 cases and deaths due to the Corona virus in Gaza

The Gaza Strip recorded 47 new cases of Coronavirus during the past 24 hours, along with one death, according to the daily report issued by the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip today, Friday.

The report added that 48 cases of recovery from the injured were recorded, in addition to the death of Hassan Ahmed Al-Lahham (70 years), from Khan Yunis.

The report indicated that the total number of injured people since last March was 2,223, including 1738 active cases, 468 recoveries and 17 deaths.

The report indicated that the number of new samples that were examined was 1443 samples.

He stressed that the more citizens adhere to health controls, the curve of infection registration will decrease, and the episodes of outbreaks will be broken, as recklessness or indolence will cause new foci that are more dangerous than the outbreak of the epidemic.

He called on everyone to protect the elderly, people with chronic diseases, children and weak immunity, and not leave their homes except for necessity and not to transmit the infection to them recklessly.

The report said that the Ministry of Health is going through a dangerous phase of shortage of medicines, swabs, laboratory clutches, and the requirements to confront the epidemic, calling on all concerned parties to take urgent steps to ensure the achievement of the required response to confront the epidemic in the Gaza Strip.

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