12 citizens of the West Bank were arrested

The Israeli army arrested 12 palestinians from different parts of the West Bank at dawn Wednesday.

According to local sources, the israeli occupation forces arrested Mohammed Jouda from the town of Iraq al-Ta'i, east of Nablus, as well as the mayor of Sila al-Dhahr in Jenin, Asaad Hantuli, and the young Fahad Zaarour from the city.

The forces arrested an unidentified young man from the eastern region of Qalqilya, as well as two Ramallah citizens, Ahmed Abu Arab from Al-Amari camp, and Hamza al-Ataout.

The occupation also arrested Yusuf Mohammed Ibrahim of Jericho.

In Bethlehem, the occupation arrested five citizens: Mourad Jihad Hayyan, 22, Moataz Mohammed Mustafa al-Sheikh, 18, Muhannad Mohammed Khalil al-Sheikh, 18, Mantaser Abyat, 26, and Zayed Mohammed Abayat, 46.

In the same vein, the israeli army broke into the house of editor Ayash Abu Alia in the town of Beit Amr, north of Hebron, and handed him a security notice to review Israeli intelligence.

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