Washington: A demonstration in front of the White House to reject the normalization agreement

More than 50 American, Arab and Palestinian institutions are organizing a protest demonstration in Washington, DC, in conjunction with the signing of the normalization agreement at the White House under American auspices and in the presence of President Donald Trump.

It is expected that hundreds of people will participate in the protest demonstration, from most of the American states, after the specific calls made through the participating institutions, due to the health conditions the world is going through, the measures of social distancing resulting from the spread of the Corona virus, and the conditions for demonstrations and public gatherings, especially in the United States. American.

In an interview with the official news agency, writer and political activist Firas Al-Tirawi said: "There is a great desire from members of the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic community, as well as American peace activists, to participate in the protest demonstration since the announcement of organizing the signing ceremony at the White House, but health measures prevented that."

Al-Tirawi added that the demonstration came to confirm the popular rejection of normalization around the world, which only serves the agendas of the occupation state, noting that the whole world is rallying today more than ever before about the Palestinian issue and the rights of the Palestinian people.

It is noteworthy that speeches will be delivered by the participating institutions before the White House, denouncing and denouncing normalization.


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