The martyrdom of the prisoner and Wissam Abd al-Majid al-Shaldah in the occupation prisons

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The Palestinian prisoners ' club announced on Friday the martyrdom of the prisoner and Wissam Abdul Majeed Nayef Shalaldeh, 28, from Sa'ir Town in Hebron, and added in a statement that there is no information to date on the circumstances of his martyrdom in the detention "Elon " Ramla, noting that the prisoner has been detained since 2015 and guilty He was sentenced to seven years ' imprisonment for three years, married and August four children.

Al-Assir's club confirmed that the occupation authorities informed his family this morning about his martyrdom without any details, and asked her to go to the Judicial Medical Institute under the occupation  "Abu Kabir".

In this context, the prisoner's club held the occupying authorities fully responsible for the martyrdom of the Israeli prisoner, arguing that the continued occupation by the occupying authorities of the prisoners ' rights is the responsibility of the international community, which is silent about them.

The martyr Wissam al-Shalaldeh is the fourth martyr to rise since the beginning of this year 2018, since the month of February, Yassin al-Safouh from Jericho was martyred after he was tortured and shot from a distance of zero after his arrest and assault, the prisoner Aziz Aouissat from Jerusalem was martyred in the history 19/5/2018 after being subjected to torture by the forces of the "Nahshon" in the occupation jails, which caused him a stroke later before his martyrdom was announced, in addition to Cheb Mohamed Zaghloul al-Khatib from Ramallah who was martyred as a result of being tortured during his arrest on the date of 18 /9/2018. The number of martyrs of the captive movement since 1967 has risen to 218 martyrs.


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