A new technology to monitor the performance of home appliances by their vibrations

 A team of researchers in the United States has created a new device that can track the performance of 17 different household appliances through their vibrations, with the aim of alerting the user to the stopping of these devices after they finish their work. .

This new device bears the name "VibroSense", and it uses lasers to monitor the subtle changes in vibrations on walls, ceilings and floors inside the house. It is also equipped with an artificial intelligence system that can distinguish between the vibrations that emanate from different devices, as it stores a specific fingerprint of the frequency of each device to prevent Without confusion between devices and some of them.

The study team from Cornell University in the USA aims behind this device to contribute to the idea of ​​creating a smart home that works more effectively and in an integrated way.

The website "PhysDot Org, a specialist in technology, quoted the researcher Cheng Zhang, who specializes in informatics, as saying that" awareness of different home activities allows the computer to better understand human needs and behaviors, and thus achieve a higher degree of interaction between humans and computers.

He added: "In order to create a smart home at the present time, it is necessary to install a sensor unit for each home device, but the new technology is the first of its kind that allows monitoring all devices in more than one room and even on more than one floor at the same time."


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