New technology that allows seeing through clouds and fog

Researchers at Stanford University of America have created a type of vision using X-rays, similar to the supernatural capabilities of fictional characters, although in reality they do not work with this type of rays.

The website, "Science Daily", which specializes in technology, stated that the new technology works by equating an algorithm for artificial intelligence that can reconstruct hidden scenes in three dimensions based on the movements of light particles known as photons in place.

The study team confirmed that the new technology was able to draw a real picture of one of the scenes hidden behind a layer of foam up to one inch thick, and therefore it is similar to the ability to see through the walls for the human eye.

"We were able to convert the hidden scene into a visual image, which resembles a superhuman vision," says researcher Gordon Weittstein, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University.

The new technology integrates with vision systems using micro-microscope devices, and has many applications in the field of medicine.


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