Historic reggae singer Tots Hebert dies

The historic Jamaican reggae singer Tuts Hebert, who died Friday at the age of 77, in a hospital in the capital, Kingston, where he was being treated for respiratory symptoms.

"We mourn to you with more agony the death of Frederick Nathaniel" Tuts "Hebert this evening, surrounded by his family, at the West Indies University Hospital in Kingston (Jamaica).

The post did not indicate the cause of Hibbert’s death, but those close to him reported at the end of last August on the band’s Facebook page that he was hospitalized as he was awaiting the results of the new Corona virus examination. ”Then he was placed in an artificial coma after suffering“ complications in Respiratory system".

Although Hibbert is less famous than his countryman Bob Marley, he is credited with being the creator of the "reggae" music with his 1968 song "Do the Reggae".

This musical genre is closely related to Rastafari, a spiritual movement that reveres the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, and exhorts the smoking of "ganga", or marijuana.

This music has achieved international success thanks to the songs of Bob Marley (1945-1981) and his band "The Wheelers".

Ziggy, Bob Marley's son, hastened to mourn Tots Hebert, who was like his second father. In a tweet on Twitter, he wrote, "I spoke with him a few weeks ago and told him how much he loved him." He added, "His soul is with us, and his music provides us with vitality, and I will never forget him."

"Rolling Stones" star Mick Jagger tweeted, expressing his deep sorrow for Hibbert's death. "He had great vocal ability, and he always put all his energy on stage. It's a huge loss for the music world," he wrote.

In an article about Hibbert published last year in the Rolling Stones magazine, band guitarist Keith Richards praised the late’s voice, calling him an "incredible singer." He noted that Hibbert's voice reminded him of "the voice of (American soul singer) Otis Reading."

Tots Hebert, born in May Penn (Jamaica) in 1945, was the youngest in a family of seven children. He began singing in the choir of a Baptist church, and was reducing an entire orchestra to himself, as he had the ability to play all the instruments used by his band.

Hebert recently released a record called "Got to be Tough" that made the comeback of his band "Tots and the Metals", and he was still performing in concerts as of January 2020.


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