The Israeli government approves the imposition of a comprehensive closure to confront Corona

The Israeli government approved, this evening, Sunday, by a majority, the proposal of the Ministry of Health, to impose a comprehensive closure, which is the second since the crisis of the spread of the Corona virus due to the outbreak of the disease in the past few days and weeks, recording more than 3,500 infections per day.

According to the Hebrew Channel 12, the closure will start at two o'clock next Friday, and will continue for a period of 3 weeks, to be lifted after the Jewish "Throne Day" on the ninth of next October, with the possibility of extending it if there is a need.

And it was decided to keep educational institutions open until next Thursday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a press conference that the closure may extend for a period after 3 weeks, indicating that people will be allowed to go out to a distance of 500 meters and exercise, while he will determine a special path for performing prayers during the holidays and announce it later.

He pointed out that every 10 people will be allowed to be in a closed place, and 20 people in open areas, and pharmacies and supermarkets will be allowed to work in a certain scheme that will be announced and determined later.

Netanyahu indicated that work in the public sector will be curtailed without any reception for the public, and public services will be limited to vital sectors.

He pointed out that he had agreed with Finance Minister Israel Katz to formulate a plan until next Thursday to distribute economic grants to those affected by the new crisis.

He indicated that the increase in the number of injuries and the possibility of their increase during the holidays led to the decision to close, indicating that the health situation is difficult and the medical staff have become exhausted due to the large number of serious injuries, which are expected to increase in the coming period with the advent of winter, in light of the Corona crisis and the possibility of increasing the number of people with seasonal influenza. .

Netanyahu called on the Israelis to understand these measures, calling on them to physically distance, wear masks and prevent gatherings.

"If we do not comply, the epidemic will strike us hard ... We must maintain these restrictions and then we will prevail over the epidemic," he said.

For its part, the Hebrew Risht Kan Channel reported that, under pressure from the Finance Ministry, some jobs will be able to continue working, with hotels completely closed.

She indicated that the closure will cost Israel financial losses of up to 10 billion shekels, while more than 200,000 Israelis will be unemployed, noting that Israel "is the only country in the world" that imposes a second-term closure, amid fears of a third closure.

The decision was taken in the Israeli government about 8 hours after the continuous meeting, amid differences in the visions and proposals submitted by several ministries regarding the closure.

During the meeting, Israeli Health Minister Polly Edelstein said that there was no escape from a complete lockdown, stressing that this proposal could not be negotiated.

He added, "The Corona crisis is not a political issue nor a place for populism, it is a matter of life or death."

During the meeting, controversy arose over the weekly demonstrations against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit stressed that these demonstrations could not be prevented and that they could be allowed within health controls.

The Minister of Construction and Housing, Yaakov Litzman, leader of the United Torah Judaism party, resigned this afternoon from the government due to disagreements with Netanyahu regarding the closure of temples during the holidays.

According to Channel 12 Hebrew, Litzman has told his party leaders that he will no longer be a minister in any government.


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