The "unified leadership" announces its activities to confront the normalization agreements

The Unified National Command of Popular Resistance announced that next Tuesday will be a day of popular rejection at home, during which the Palestinian flag will be raised in all Palestinian cities, regions and squares, including places in the diaspora.

This event is an expression of the decisive refusal to raise the flag of occupation, murder and racism on the flag of humiliation in Abu Dhabi and Manama.

In a statement broadcast on Palestine TV today, Sunday, the Unified National Command of Popular Resistance called on the living forces and civil, mass, student and feminist institutions throughout the Arab world to raise the Arab flag of pride and the flag of Palestine in denunciation and rejection of the agreement of shame on this black day.

The released prisoners, the families of our heroic martyrs, and the families of the martyrs whose bodies are kept in the occupation's digital cemeteries have demanded to organize protests denouncing the Shame Agreement on 9/15/2020 in all governorates in the homeland.

It also called on the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic communities and the world's free and democratic forces to demonstrate in front of the embassies of America, the occupying state, the UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain, on the same day, denouncing the agreements of shame


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