Gaza: A stand in solidarity with Sudan

 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, today, Sunday, organized a stand in solidarity with the Sudanese people after the flood disaster that led to the death of hundreds and the displacement of thousands.

The participants in the stand in front of the municipality of Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip raised the Sudanese and Palestinian flags, and slogans of solidarity with Sudan and its people.

Mayor Diab al-Jarro said in a speech, that this stand comes to confirm full solidarity with Sudan in their tragedy and great plight, after the floods caused great damage to their homes, their displacement from them and the loss of hundreds of victims.

Al-Jarro called on Arab and Islamic countries to work to provide relief to the people of Sudan and stand by them in this tragedy, praising Sudan's Arab stances in supporting the oppressed in the world and opening its doors to them.

He said in a message to the people of Sudan, "If we were to walk aid convoys for you, we would walk them for you despite our suffering and siege, but in light of the conditions of the siege that we are living in, we did not find less than this stand, so we would stand in solidarity with you, for our hearts are with you."

For his part, Sheikh Maher al-Huli, leader of the Hamas movement in Deir al-Balah, praised the great stances of Sudan in standing by the Palestinian cause and embracing the Palestinians for many years.

Al-Hawali said that this stand expresses brotherhood, friendship and true love, and it is a message of gratitude to Sudan for what it presented to our cause, calling on the world to stand by the Sudanese in order to regain their health after the disaster befell them.


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